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Client Testimonials

Adjustable Beds

Since sleeping on the mattress you provided it has not been necessary to kneel beside the bed to rest from the first night. And I have even overslept on two occasions. Even when I wake up during the night it is so comfortable that I find it very easy to fall asleep immediately. I now no longer dread bedtime – in fact I look forward to it. Your designers got it RIGHT!

Mr Alfred Watlin

I’m in agony with backache since 2009 I’ve been sleeping in a recliner chair because I need the support in my back. I got the Adjust4Sleep bed now for almost two months and I can promise you it is a life changing experience. Thanks again, because apart from the comfort, it is an aesthetic piece of furniture.

Miss Ribberink

Aqualift Bathlifts

The Aqualift was delivered last week and it has been a great help to us. Please accept our sincere thanks and thank all the charming staff who were so good at all times.

Mr R

I am getting on with my bath lift very well and it has taken away all the worry of getting in and out of the bath without slipping and yet my husband can continue to use the bath as normal.

Mrs G

Willowbrook Riser Recliners

I recently bougth a Recliner chair from you company, for my husband, who suffers from Alzheimers. This chair has made such a difference to my husband. He no longer sits staring down at the floor unaware of his surroundings. He now looks around him, is no longer so sleepy and is much more alert. He is also talking more, even though it is not easy to understand what he says. He is even able to eat a bit better on his own. The staff who look after him have also noticed a big difference in him. It is also much easier for them to handle him. I never thought that a chair could make such a difference and I am very grateful that he now seems much more alert and comfortable. The service I received from your staff was excellent and I would like to thank them all for their help.

Shirley Pryer

Pride Mobility Scooters

My name is Dawn van Zyl, and I am 72 years old, I have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for a number of years now which has left me almost totally immobile, so much so that I am unable to drive a car, also not being able to get to the shops and getting out of the house on my own has made me feel cut off from the world. Paging through the YOU magazine I saw your advertisement for the ‘Pride Elite Traveller’ which seemed to be the perfect answer to my particular problem, that of enabling rne to get around and out of the house. I contacted Michelle on the number given, she was most courteous and extremely helpful arranging for a salesman Mitch Alexander to visit and demonstrate the Pride Elite Traveller to me, he was pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and was able to convince my husband and I to invest in the Traveller. Your lady in Pretoria was also very pleasant and arranged for the delivery. My husband and I were very impressed when the Traveller was delivered in a sealed box by Muller Lessing and his assistant, He unpacked and explained each item until we understood everything. I have since been driving my Traveller everywhere, people have been stopping me and asking about it and all seem very interested, I am very proud of my Traveller and am enjoying it very much: I am now free at last.

Dawn van Zyl